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When Amelia is offered up to the Sun God as a sacrifice, she did not think she would end up trying to save the people who sacrificed her.

Amelia is an outcast in her small closed community, Woodmere. Being unwed and unable to control her destructive powers makes her useless in the leader’s eyes. Still, nothing could prepare her when he drugs her and offers her up as a sacrifice to their Sun Ever.

Gloom, the Forest Ever, takes his job very seriously. So, when strange symbols start appearing in both his and the humans' realm, he takes it upon himself to investigate. Finding a woman, bound and using powers he hasn't seen for over a hundred years sends him on a course he could never have imagined.

Can Amelia harness her powers, and help Gloom to trust, so they can work together to find the betrayer in the city, or will this evil rise and spread and consume them all?

Gloom’s Light is the first book in The Evers saga, a young adult, fantasy romance series. With slow burn romance, long forgotten evils rising and powers emerging, these books are sure to be a favourite.



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Parallel Lines

A writing prompt I found on Pinterest inspired Gloom's Light.

I had been trawling through looking for something to catch my imagination and there it was. You are offered as a sacrifice and instead of killing you, the God takes you to be their personal assistant.

Something about that seemed so interesting, so I went with it. I have always loved fantasy stories about creatures, magic, and magical lands right alongside our mundane one. I hope this story sparks your imagination and you will enjoy Gloom and Amelia's story as much as I do.

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